Monday, September 10, 2012

Brown skin for sale!!

I might be late on this but I had to post. I saw an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras recently and I saw the little girl Allyson say that she wanted to be Brown like Beyonce.  Her mom's response to her is quite surprising. I do like that her mom supports diversity. I am on the fence about other parenting choices that her mom makes such as forcing Allyson into pageants and encouraging her to do the Beyonce dance (But I digress. lol). A friend of mine who is not Black said that she too used to ask her parents questions about her color, such as why she wasn't born Black and why she didn't have Brown skin.  It is amazing how other cultures enjoy the beauty of Brown skin.  Sometimes the people born with Brown skin tend to hate it the most.  Innocent children are fed images from the media that either tells them that they are beautiful or that they are not.  From the mouth of a babe, Here is Allyson's take on Brown skin:

Here are Brown children's views on Brown skin: 

Now what?  In both instances, a lesson in self love and acceptance is needed.  It starts at home parents.  #ThatIsAll

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